Why ‘Vakomana’ by Holy Ten and Scrip Mula is a win for the rap game

Now, there has been some time since Vakomana by Scrip Mula featuring Holy Ten was released (29 April, 2024) and the song has since gone to become a nationwide hit. There are special perspectives to this song and video, and its implications for the game.

With Vakomana, we see Scrip Mula coming out to stake his claim in Zimbabwe’s contested rap game, as he dismisses his competition in the release. Vakomana is a statement by Scrip Mula in which he tells old and new listeners alike that there is some stiff competition out there hell bent on derailing his musical trajectory career.

Now, for Scrip Mula, we see him as one of the original forebears of the dominant soundscape characterizing Zimbabwean hip hop right now. Yet, his name does not command much renown as far as the discourse on who the hottest in the game right now is. Scrip Mula has come a long way, and his many years in the game are a testament to the grit and unwavering dedication to the craft he carries with him. He is one of the players who goes at it with a relentless drive, consistently trying to push boundaries while at the same time creating room for others to shine. Such is his prowess: being a gifted artist as well as having inclinations towards good business acumen in how he does his thing. Such should be duly credited.

We may not be wrong in asserting that the prominence that Scrip Mula has also found given the newfound dominance of Zim Hip Hop is befitting. He has been in the game all this while, pushing his craft while also making room for others through his MulaNation brand. He has worked with notable artists under the MulaNation tag who have been thrust into nationwide renown now the likes of Tanto Wavie, Saint Floew, Voltz JT, and many others. These mentioned artists have released projects at earlier times in their careers courtesy of the good collaborative power that Scrip Mula has. This is the same collaborative energy that has enabled him to work with new artists such as Munashe, and, in this context, the same energy that has given him a smash hit collaboration with Holy Ten.

Yet one may mistake Scrip Mula for showing too much magnanimity. He is a fierce participant in the rap game, having a noteworthy discography under his name. And for those who may not want to properly appreciate his name in the game, he says he is not afraid of such a war. This is what we see him preaching in the release of Vakomana, saying these “vakomana” – his competition – are coming armed with war to him – he relays this to his grandmother – rapping “Hondo … vari kuda kundirwasa vakomana” (they want war with me). He presents himself as a formidable, dominant force to reckon with, and that he is not afraid of anything. Hence, he collaborates with Holy Ten.

Which is the whole crux of this. Scrip Mula has been in the game for the longest, and the collab with Holy Ten thrust his song on a bigger stage and platform. By collaborating with Holy Ten, whose enviably deep baritone strikes a commanding presence in this song, made the song Vakomana to blow up. Which is why we say it is a win for the game. It is a perfect glimpse of the unity and collaboration needed between rap artists in Zimbabwe in terms of what collaborations should look like and what they should portend for the generality of the game.

Holy Ten brings his A-game to the song, solidifying its status as a hit that one cannot afford to ignore. Such is the combined prowess of the two artists. Their lyrical gifts and attention to detail in terms of music production are commendable. Scrip Mula is a talented producer in his right, flexing his ambidextrous artistic ability in this song through good lyrics and excellent, powerful production. The accompanying video is cinematic enough to capture our attention, and so that we continuously come back to it. They were not playing with this one. The song Vakomana elevates the status of Zim Hip Hop as one of the dominant urban genres in Zimbabwe. We have to give it to them, Scrip and Holy, for such magnificent artistic brilliance.

We are happy for Scrip Mula, that this song has given him some credibility and renown, since many do not know his name yet he is behind the success of many of their favourite artists. As such, we should keep this in mind when we play Vakomana by Scrip Mula and Holy Ten. It is one of those music pieces you feel the urge to continuously return to, savouring it endlessly. You can watch the video for Vakomana on YouTube, and can stream it on various digital streaming platforms. ‘

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