Stars and rangers derby: what the derby means to local fans

Soccer derbies are known worldwide to invoke deep  emotions among supporters .Derbies bring true supporters to the front .Whether is in in top flight leagues or the lower leagues , derbies always engrave memories in the hearts of the die-hard fans.

World derbies

I n England there is a close to a century in rivalry derby matches pitting Everton and Liverpool ,Manchester derby pitting Manchester united against Manchester City,  Italy has inter Milan vs  Ac Milan , Spain have Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid close to home in South Africa we have Orlando pirates and Kaizer chief and in Zimbabwe we have Caps united against Dynamos.

These derbies makes a lot of noise drawing huge traction in traditional mainstream media, social media and in the streets more than any other games.

Local Derby

In the lower domestic football league , we have our a derby pitting rangers against stars which has become the talk of the town and gained traction despite the derby being 2 years old .

The derby brings out a lot of attention to supporters and the momentum is overwhelming.

A conversation with the supporters brings out a lot of issues, including use of Juju on the other team to bring misfortune, firing of coaches as a result of the derby, player exodus from either side, to host of other issues which literally has consequences on the results.

“We are stars football club, we are happy people, we always winning my friend, we cannot talk about division 1 now for obvious reason that the league is still far from ending”, said stars fc stun Miringo.

“it is a fact that Rangers is funded by rich business people but doesn’t mean it will bring success on the field of play. We are a community team we have a hungry coach and ambitious players .that alone will spur us forward” added Miringo.

A staunch Rangers fan , Lloyd Machimbidze an animated character  said “the town is one small village , where we interact on daily basis and they is life after the derby match , so may the best team which is Rangers wins” he said.

“We are craving to see these teams merging into one strong team .We dream of seeing one local team coming up strong, well resourced, the rivalry between stars makes supporting our teams healthy. It is a way in which we can at least find constructive criticism for betterment of our local football scene betterment”, he said.

All the supporters interviewed said the derby brings the bragging rights to the winning team’s fans.

When the referee blew to end the game the scoreboard in the latest match between the 2 it was 3-2 in favor of stars.

Commotion broke out where exchange of fists f!ghts were witnessed in various corners of the stadium and the football board had to fine both teams.

The Rivalry

The rivalry of this teams can be traced to the dismissal of Stars coach Chitumbura , who then broke away from stars a community owned team to form rangers with the backings of the business people who then become the sponsors of Rangers and registered for division 2 and the rivalry was born in the spirit of competition with the former coach trying to prove a point with his new outfits.

Rangers is a breakaway faction of the original stars fc which was close to be promoted to northern region division 1 league but then hit with player exodus to the newly formed Rangers , disintegrating the team and divided interest .

Ever since the formation of Rangers, these two clubs are in fierce competition to outdo each other in terms of log standing and promotion to division 1 , we yet still to see one of the teams being promoted to Division 1 .

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